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Experience the Magic of Color at Miakel Bishay Salon

Magic of Color

When it comes to transforming your look, nothing is quite as immediate and striking as a change in hair color. Located at the heart of Santa Monica on Main Street, the renowned Miakel Bishay Salon offers a myriad of hair color services tailored to fit the unique needs and desires of each client. Whether you're looking to experiment with the latest balayage trend or simply in need of a root retouch, Miakel Bishay Salon has got you covered.

Comprehensive Hair Color Services

Here’s a brief insight into the vast array of hair color services offered:

  1. Single Process: For those looking for an even, all-over color application.

  2. Partial Balayage/Ombre: A trendy technique that offers a more natural, sun-kissed look.

  3. Single Process & Haircut: Combine an all-over color treatment with a fresh haircut to complete your transformation.

  4. Root Retouch: Perfect for maintaining your color by addressing regrowth.

  5. Partial Balayage/Ombre & Haircut: Get the dual benefit of a color touch-up and a new haircut.

  6. Highlight & Blow Dry: Add dimension to your locks and finish with a professional blowout.

  7. Root Retouch & Haircut: Maintain your roots and refresh your style with a haircut.

  8. Partial Highlights: Introduce some subtle streaks of color to your hair.

  9. Partial Highlights & Haircut: Pair your subtle highlights with a stylish cut.

  10. Full Highlights: Illuminate your mane with a full set of highlights.

  11. Full Highlights & Haircut: Combine the glamour of full highlights with a haircut.

  12. Full Balayage/Ombre: Achieve a holistic and radiant gradient effect.

  13. Full Balayage/Ombre & Haircut: Match your gradient hair color with a complementary haircut.

  14. Toner: Adjust the tone of your colored hair to the perfect shade.

  15. Toner & Haircut: Perfect the tone and the style in one go.

  16. Partial Highlight & Blowdry: Add some color pops and get them styled with a blowout.

  17. Full Highlights & Blowdry: Go full-on glam with highlighted locks and a blowout.

  18. Color & Cut: A complete transformation, combining color and cut.

  19. Partial Highlight & Blow Dry: A touch of color complemented by a professional blow dry.

  20. Bleach and Toner: Go bold with a complete bleach and finish it up with the right toner.

  21. Bleach, Toner, and Haircut: A comprehensive hair overhaul – bold, toned, and styled.

  22. Color & Blow Dry: Flaunt your fresh color with a perfect blowout.

  23. Full Color: Change your hair color completely for a whole new look.

  24. Men's Color & Cut: Tailored especially for men, combining color and cut.

  25. Glaze: Add a shine overlay to give your hair that extra sparkle.


Miakel Bishay Salon, situated in the vibrant locale of Santa Monica, promises a bespoke experience with a touch of luxury. With a diverse range of services that cater to various hair color needs, clients are assured of receiving not just a service, but an experience. The salon's dedicated team of professionals ensures that every client walks out with a renewed sense of confidence, with hair that doesn’t just look good but feels good too.

Visit Miakel Bishay Salon today and embark on your hair transformation journey!



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